1. notcolinbaker:


    Listen to Rihanna’s “Diamonds”. It sounds like she’s singing about nimons.

    make this edit now
  2. screamoftheshalka:

    I care more about the politics of Gallifrey than the ones from my own country.

  3. halorvic:

In sync


    In sync

  4. whatthefoucault:

    Do you love the Brig’s casual coat?  The Brig does.

  5. slythgeek:

    Now you stand reborn before us all // so glad to see you well // but I’m more than just a little curious // how you’re planning to go about  making your amends to the dead

    Celebrating tonight…

    • otp: [insults each other]
    • me: be still my beating heart
  6. pattroughton:

    Happy birthday, Anthony Ainley! (August 20, 1932)

  7. theheroheart:

    Doctor Who || The Visitation ep 1